Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wasteland Wednesday: Lupin III The Mystery of Mamo VHS


The Mystery of Mamo was the first animated film in the Lupin III series. Originally released in Japan under the title Lupin III in 1978, it was later renamed Lupin III: Lupin vs. the Clones to differentiate it among the numerous other films starring the title character. However, by the time the feature made it to VHS in the US, Streamline Pictures and Orion Home Video opted for the title The Mystery of Mamo.

I've seen my share of Lupin III films but, somehow, I still haven't seen The Mystery of Mamo, despite it getting a home video release back in 1995. So, when I spotted a factory-sealed copy of the VHS selling dirt cheap on eBay, I had to pick it up. I know there's a DVD out there from Discotek Media that's really well put together and includes some decent special features plus the original Japanese language version and four different English dubs(!). Even so, I had to get the VHS for that fantastic cover art. I notice time and again that VHS and laserdisc cover art is almost always more impressive than DVD and Blu-ray packaging.

Around the time I purchased this, I noticed that a number of other old and rare VHS, laserdisc, manga, anime cels, and artbooks were being listed on eBay. It turns out that this video and most of the other items I was seeing were being sold directly from the Carl Macek Estate. In fact, I received a neat little certificate of authenticity with my Mystery of Mamo VHS, signed by Carl's wife, Svea Macek. 

 Eventually, when I get around to viewing the film, I'll do a "Friday Review" post on it.

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