Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Throwback Ad Tuesday: Battle of the Planets Action Figures

In 2002 Diamond Select released a series of 7" figures based on the anime Battle of the Planets (originally released by Tatsunoko in Japan as Gatchaman).

I remember seeing these figures at the local comic shop around '02 or '03 and was impressed with how detailed and well-sculpted they were. The Series 1 (Mark, Princess, Keyop) and Series 2 (Jason, Tiny, Zoltar) figures each included character-specific accessories and miniature vehicles. Diamond then went on to re-release the figures again with 'civilian' versions of the G-Force members (versions without their helmets and with civilian vehicles) and a Zoltar figure with two alternate heads.

The figures can still be found for decent prices on eBay (avoid the overpriced resellers on Amazon), considering that they've been out-of-production for over a decade. I've seen Mark and Princess figures sell for under $20 and Zoltar figures go for under $30.

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