Monday, June 6, 2016

Magazine Monday: Comics Scene #12 (April 1990)

Instead of posting the usual anime-themed magazine, this week I decided on Comics Scene #12, which boasted such lively cover text as "Japanimation!" and "Lensman and Akira Invade!" Back in 1990 anime hadn't yet achieved the status in North America that it holds now, so it was an interesting time capsule to go back to this issue, some twenty-six years ago.

To Comics Scene's credit, their article on the then-current crop of anime was really well done. In Bob Miller's four page article, "Animated Invasions," he delves into the releases of Akira and Lensman, while touching on everything from Akira's impressive production budget, the original manga, to Harmony Gold, Carl Macek, and Streamline's desire to release more anime theatrically.

There's also a one-page article, "Approaching Akira," written by Patrick Daniel O' Neill, that looks at the original manga and compares some of the stylistic differences between Japanese and American comics. And Akira's English interpreter, Jo Duffy, speaks about the process of translating the story for Western readers. 

Drew Bittner's "Living with Lensman," is another one-page piece, exploring Eternity Comics' adaptation of the Lensman anime. 

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