Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wasteland Wednesday: Kimagure Orange Road OVA Series VHS

This week I'm posting pics of my Kimagure Orange Road VHS collection. These were of the KOR OVA series, released in North America by AnimEgo in 1992. The tapes were available subtitled-only, and each came in oversized black plastic cases. I'm a big fan of the artwork in KOR, and I really like that AnimEgo featured some fantastic art on both the front and back of each VHS cover.
There were five volumes in the set, collecting all eight OVA episodes and the movie, I Want to Return to That Day.

Volume 1, features the episodes: "I was a Cat; I was a Fish" and "Hurricane! Akane the Shapechanging Girl."

Volume 2, with the episodes: "Hawaiian Suspense" and "White Lovers."

Volume 3 includes the episodes: "Spring is for Idols" and "Birth of a Star."

Volume 4 wraps up the two episodes: "Unexpected Situation" and Message in Rouge."

And, finally, Volume 5 presents the movie,  I Want to Return to That Day.

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