Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Bizarre World of Bootlegs: Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory

Here are some images of the Gundam 0083 bootleg from quite a few years ago. This one was released by FX.

The cover and discs look great, and the episode quality is really sharp as well. But, as is the case with many bootlegs, there's problems with playback on one of the discs. The final episode won't play through the whole way, depending on the DVD player. Some players get through the episode without a hitch, while others stop midway through the episode, causing the screen to freeze.

There's some special features too, including footage not in any of the episodes. I don't know if this was originally promo footage or animated clips from a video game cutscene, but there's tons of Japanese text in it, which I unfortunately can't read...but I'd wager it explains what the footage is.

FX was a notorious peddler of bootlegs and released a number of anime under their "label". Out of the many anime bootleggers, their product may have fooled the most unsuspecting buyers, due to the professional quality packaging so many of their DVDs had.

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