Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wasteland Wednesday: The Bizarre World of Bootlegs (Part III)


This is an interesting one. It has the original Japanese track, as well as an English dub (not the same dub used on Celebrity Home Entertainment's Clash of the Bionoids!). I usually don't mind dubs, but this one's terrible beyond words. 

I think my Macross: DYRL copy might have been lifted from one of the now rare Japanese laserdisc releases. The dub sounds like Japanese actors, not well versed in speaking English, trying their best to sound out the words. I believe I had read something about this years ago, that it was done as some sort of experiment to teach English to Japanese audiences, particularly by playing these dubbed films on plane flights for Japanese business men to pick up some English. Not sure if that's true or just hearsay. But it's certainly the strangest dub I've ever heard.

Not bad image quality on here and the sound's not bad either. This was cobbled together by FX, who released a staggering amount of bootlegs.

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