Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wasteland Wednesday: The Bizarre World of Bootlegs (Part II)


I haven't made it through every disc of this Ranma 1/2 set (and I probably won't) but the picture quality isn't half-bad. It's certainly not great, but I've seen far worse. Nevertheless, there's definitely noticeable compression going on with these discs. The box is littered with tell-tale signs of odd uses of English, like "Love & Tears, Panda & Kenpo" along with "Human and man and woman are pitted against each other." 

One of the worst things about these Ranma sets, right off the bat, is the terrible cases they come in. As soon as I opened the case, discs were falling to the ground. The "hubs" that hold the discs into place are made out of some of the cheapest plastic known to man. When you remove a disc by pressing down on the plastic center hub, there's a 80-90% chance you just broke it...and that's regardless of how gentle you're being with it. It's like they were made to be one-touch-damage-assured. And, since these aren't standard Amaray DVD cases, once it's broken, it's ruined for good. Comparing these sets to the latest Viz Media Blu-ray release is like comparing a rusty penny to solid gold.

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